Applewood Designs

Exquisite design. Quality craftsmanship.

Creating kitchens that make a home, Applewood Designs are in the business of providing beautifully crafted, bespoke kitchens that cater to the individual needs of those who value exquisite design. Based in Haddington, East Lothian, the Applewood team understand that houses become homes when they reflect the style and personality who live there.
Through their website redesign and logo transformation, Applewood Designs now visually reflect the precision and attention to detail they practically utilise every day when precisely catering to a vast variety of budgets, styles, and requirements.
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Our three phase structure has been meticulously fine tuned to produce the best results for your brand.
If you quit on the process you quit on the result. 

Discovery, Strategy, Creation. In that order. Always.



In this first stage we collate as much information as possible by peppering you with questions, working with you to identify the areas that require particular attention.

- Diagnosis workshop
- Market research
- Brand strategy workshop
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During this phase we will use the information gathered during the Discovery stage to build a comprehensive plan to unleash your brand on the world.

- Brand strategy
- Customer profiling
- Research
- Marketing mix analysis
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Now it’s time to take your new framework for decision making and growth and translate it into a recognisable (and understandable) visual language.

- Visual identity
- Brand guidelines
- Brand assets
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Month 1

Months 2-3