Double the Impact

Outlaw Creative Employee Investment Match Funding Program

Taking positive climate action is a subject close to the hearts of all of us who make up the Outlaw Creative team.
And whilst we have set out on our BCorp journey together as a company, we never want to lose sight of the fact that our team is a group made up of diverse individuals who have their own goals and ambitions related to sustainable living.

In light of this, we’ve decided to launch a new employee initiative called Double the Impact.
In this Employee Investment Match Program, Outlaw team members will have the opportunity to have their own personal Carbon Investment Portfolio drawn up by our partners at The Pond Foundation and then given the opportunity to invest in the carbon initiatives set out for them. And to make the impact of their investments go further, it has been agreed that Outlaw Creative will match their investment. 

Being a start-up agency, our team is definitely on the small side, but we’re capable of big things.
It’s our desire that every Outlaw team member recognises that they have the power to make a difference with their choices and are supported to see them through for the benefit of the planet and the livelihoods of others.