Our Bright Green Business Membership_

Bright Green Business is an incredible group that offers a unique range of services to help improve sustainable practices in businesses across Scotland, one of which is the Bright Green Business Network.

We recently became a member of this network and have been thoroughly enjoying linking up with new businesses, academics, and graduates through a variety of events. 

Below is an excerpt of our interview with Bright Green Business, where we explored our motivations for joining the network and how we are focusing our efforts in helping the environmental sector today. 
The full interview can be found here.  

How is Outlaw Creative helping the environmental sector?

In our ongoing effort to actively put people and planet over profit, we have been busy over the past year working to set up a number of purpose-led initiatives, namely My Carbon Zero, The Pond Foundation, and FoodHeroScot – all of which we are founding members.

We are also currently doing a lot of work with family-run businesses through our partnership with The Scottish Family Business Association. Making up 65% of all Scottish businesses, family-run businesses have a significant impact on local economies and communities. Because these businesses stem from family, we have seen that they already have the love, care, and empathy in their DNA that’s required to build a more sustainable and purpose-led future.

In recent news, we created a free E-Guide for family business members to download, providing insight and encouragement to those that are leading the way, whilst also offering helpful solutions for those looking to implement a long-term strategic framework in order to take their ambitious brand one step further towards putting people and planet over profit.

Why did we join the Bright Green Business Network?

We joined so that we could benefit from the amazing network that the Bright Green Business Network provides. There will forever be so much for us to learn and we want to ensure that our continual learning is guided and influenced by those that are accomplishing genuine impact, as opposed to those who blatantly greenwash. 

We are also incredibly thankful for the regular membership updates we receive on the legislation surrounding The Climate Change Act, which has committed the UK to ‘net zero’ by 2050. Through our membership, our knowledge base has grown significantly, ultimately helping us make more informed, sustainable decisions throughout our business.

Get in touch with Bright Green Business

If you are an environmentally conscious business in Scotland that recognises the importance of Scotland’s 2045 climate goals, get in touch with Bright Green Business to learn more about the Bright Green Business Network