Where value lies_

Welcome to a story time with our Creative Director, Jake. 

“So, there I was, a bright eyed 19 year old apprentice.

“My day started like most others. My boss, Gordon, and I met outside the gallery, he opened the small blue double doors, stepped inside and popped the lights on. We went our separate ways, he plonked himself in front of the PC, and I went through to the workshop to get myself ready for a busy day of picture framing. Fuelled by espresso with plenty of brown sugar. 

“Not too long after we had opened up for the day, Gordon came bursting through the door to the workshop. He was holding a petit brown parcel, about the size of an A4 sheet of paper and only about half a centimeter thick. Nothing too unusual.

“He placed the parcel down on my workbench and carefully removed its contents. 

‘Jake, lock the door.’

“I did as I was told. Then I hastily made my way back through the gallery to the workshop. I had to see what had made Gordon so nervously excited. 

“I gazed at the two seemingly inconspicuous bits of paper that were now laid on my workbench. They were both A5, with a torn edge down the left hand side. Evidently taken from an artist’s personal sketchbook. Both bits of paper had little more than an abstract black squiggle adorning them.

‘Worthless’, I thought, ‘Just two tiny bits of paper with a slithering of ink.’

“That was until I saw the signature. 

“They were from one of Pablo Picasso’s sketchbooks.

Suddenly, what was a seemingly worthless bit of paper, was now a valuable work of art history. And I was holding it. 

The value wasn’t in the paper, or the ink. It was valuable because of who had created it. It was Picasso’s creativity, his story, how he looked at the world, that made it worth much more than just the sum of its parts. 

Imagine if an art collector was only prepared to pay for the cost of the materials, or for the time it took to create? Seems pretty ridiculous, right?

Those of us in creative industries need to value our creativity. If we don’t, we will become nothing more than a commodity. 

For those who employ the services of a creative agency, you need to understand that the value doesn’t lie solely in the end product, but in the sleepless nights, the idea filled meetings, the endless sketches.

The value comes not just from the creation, but the creator.


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