The importance of purpose driven creativity_

In case you missed it, this summer has been a very exciting one for us at Outlaw HQ as we saw the launch of #FoodHeroScot – a new eco-campaign that our MD, Lee Fitzpatrick, has had the honour of heading up with a list of amazing partners, ambassadors and supporters. 

The campaign aims to shed light on the heroes within the Food & Drink industry, inspiring the next generation of ethical and purpose driven F&D brands to lead the way in Scotland and beyond.

Over the course of the next 12 months, we will be a part of giving 10 winning businesses a support package of £25,000 of services including a fully produced documentary, marketing and PR, 2 tickets for the impact summit 2022, and a dedicated photoshoot. 

But why do brands and movements like this get us so excited? 

At Outlaw Creative, we exist to create with purpose. Our mission is to create branding, content, and communications that are as beautiful as they are purposeful – to solve business needs through creative execution.

Why is purpose important?

If your brand’s purpose, or your ‘why’, isn’t clear then the potential for creativity in your marketing efforts will be limited. And, when creativity is stunted, so follows the potential for large scale positive impact.

“Activity without purpose is the drain of your life.”
– Tony Robbins

#FoodHeroScot and beyond_

Over the last several months we have had the privilege of partnering with many sustainable brands whose purpose has inspired our team all the more to create some of our best creative work to date. 

Make sure to check out Fuel Change, the Pond Foundation, and Kinloch Anderson’s recently launched eco-friendly pet range.

Key takeaway_ 

Despite common misconceptions, the purpose of design is actually far more closely linked to strategy than aesthetics. Design is the process of intentionally creating something whilst simultaneously considering its objective (purpose), function, economics, and sociocultural factors, as well as aesthetics.

This is why, as an agency, we ensure that we remain steadfast in our Discovery – Strategy – Creativity way of working. Never deviating from this order because to rush straight to creative output without fully aligning on purpose, function, and other factors merely produces activity for the sake activity (plus, it limits the effectiveness of our creativity). 

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